The Beginning

What made us decide to rear butterflies and moths?

 While out on a walk with the dog we came across this fantastic caterpillar
(Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera to hand, so this is a photo from

We had never seen anything like it and wondered what on earth it would turn into. Checking a few websites we finally came across a picture and discovered it was a Goat Moth. A couple of the websites had suggested rearing a caterpillar to discover what it is and from there the seed had been planted. We just thought how fascinating it would be to witness the life cycle stages that the caterpillars go through to become butterflies/moths.

After a lot of online research, including these sites:

The decision was made to put together a butterfly/moth home and give it a try.

Last year there were hundreds of butterflies down the lane where we walk the dog, so thought that we would try and search out some caterpillars and see what happened from there....

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