Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day One - New Home

From all our research we found that most caterpillars enjoy nettles, so armed with gloves, scissors and a jar we went off in search of a caterpillar. After about an hour we returned home with 3 yellow and black striped ones and a black, furry caterpillar with white side stripes and an orange/red stripe down his back. I couldn’t believe we even found one let alone four!!

It didn’t take long to find out that we had found 3 small tortoiseshell butterflies and a yellow tail moth.

So we placed our new guests in their new home with their favourite food and let them settle in.

Our new guests residence

The trio of small tortoiseshell larva

Max the moth wasn't available for the photo shoot, so we'll get him next time.

They all started exploring their new surroundings, found themselves a leaf each and started munching away, then it was time for a rest. They all seem pretty content. We can't stop watching them and the magnifying glass is a must! It's fascinating already.

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