Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day Twenty Five - Max the Moth!

I was only saying before I went to bed last night "I wonder when it will be Max's turn?" as I couldn't find anything on line to give me a clue how long he was going to take to transform.

As you've probably already gathered this morning I woke to find Max up and about and looking very different. He is a lot smaller than I thought (17mm head to tip of closed wings), it must have been all the fluff filling the pupa skin! It took him 18 days to transform, he was kept indoors at a constant temperature of about 21 degrees.

Yellow Tail Moth Max

Yellow Tail Moth Max showing off all that fluffiness!

Max was beautifully positioned on the glass for rather a unique view, the only shot in which you can see his yellow tail, just!

From a unique perspective!

Then for the release. He wasn't as keen to go as the butterflies were, but moths tend to sit very still during the day anyway.
Max in the sun before flying off.

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