Monday, 14 July 2014

Round Two - Day One - It's a Mystery?

Well today was very strange! We have been looking for caterpillars on and off since the first batch, but haven't seen any. Today we saw caterpillars walking across the road!?!

They were mainly small tortoiseshells, but there was another that we didn't recognise, so he came home with us. I have been trying to work out what he is, but I can't. He looks similar to a few caterpillars I have seen online, but it is hard to make a match.

The mystery caterpillar
As I was unable to identify him for sure, I went with nettles for food as it seems to be the main food plant for most butterflies likely to be in our area. There were no objections and he is munching away!

So, we will shall just have to see what happens next.....

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