Saturday, 5 September 2015

Peacock - Day 14 - Butterfly!

I am so excited!!! Last night we decided to set up the video camera and some lighting to see if we could capture the Peacock emerging. The pupa was looking really dark and as the Peacock has jet black under wings we thought that now could be a good time.

Completely different colouring than the last photos 4 days ago!
We also know that the butterflies emerged early in the morning last year. So my lovely OH did a fantastic job setting up the "studio".

The video camera was plugged in (so no chance the battery could run out), a 32Gb card would give us 8 hours of video (fingers crossed), the low wattage lights were positioned, the camera was focused and now all we had to do was wait......

...... When I got up this morning there was a butterfly positioned beautifully next to the empty cocoon! The camera was still running! The card wasn't full! - YES!!!! It had worked, at last we could see the moment a Peacock butterfly emerges.

The video is fantastic!! A real eye opener, I had no idea that the whole process took so long. It's going to take me a while to edit this video, but I will do my best because it is just sooooo good!

The video was uploaded on the 9th October 2015, but I am putting it here too

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