Sunday, 3 August 2014

Round Four - Day One - Peacock Caterpillars?

When searching for ragwort for the Cinnabar Moths we came across this incredible sight just behind our garage:
Hundreds of tiny caterpillars...

...and a lot of poop!
After doing some research we have come to the brilliant conclusion that they must be Peacock Butterfly caterpillars. From the beginning I have always said that I would love to rear some Peacocks as they are stunning butterflies. So here we go, I'm so excited!

I collected (with difficulty) 3 caterpillars to rear from those pictured above and added them to the nursery with some nettles.
The new trio
They are so tiny compared to the others, but are very active and eating loads! I may even go and collect some more as I would really love to capture at least one transforming, so the more the better, as I know how quick and unpredictable the changing process can be!

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